Taste, buy or order Vin Paillé, nut oil and nut wine produced by par Jean Louis Roche at the Domaine du Bas Queyssac.

Come and taste the Vin Paillé of Jean Louis Roche at the Domaine du Bas Queyssac, which is located in Queyssac-les-Vignes, at the frontier separating the departments of Corrèze and Lot (see the page How to reach the Domaine du Bas Queyssac in Queyssac les Vignes).

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Vin Paillé, Miel des Muses, red or white (50cl): 21 euros
(20 euros per bottle for a 6-bottle box (free shipping)

Ideal gift: box of two bottles, red and white: 41 euros

Nut oil (50cl) : 13 euros

Vin Paillé tastes best when it is cooled to a temperature of about 12°C.

On site payment either by cheque or in cash.
Vin Paillé rouge et blanc

To order

You can order these products either by filling the Order form or by sending a letter to:
Jean Louis Roche
Domaine du Bas Queyssac
19120 Queyssac les Vignes
(For the additional transport charges, see the order form)

Idée cadeau vin paillé Vin de noix et huile de noix
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Noix AOC du Périgord, variété Marbot

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