Vin paillé

The Vin Paillé (Straw Wine) of the Domaine du Bas Queyssac,

produced by Jean Louis Roche in Queyssac les Vignes

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The Vin Paillé (Straw Wine) of Corrèze is a sweet apéritif wine. It is produced in the Domaine du Bas Queyssac by Jean Louis Roche where it can be tasted and bought, together with nut oil (huile de noix). The Domaine du Bas Queyssac is situated on the borderline between the Corrèze and the Lot, on the hillside of Queyssac-les-Vignes, a few kilometers away from Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, Carennac, Collonges la Rouge, Rocamadour and Martel.

This is where Jean Louis Roche produces the celebrated Vin Paillé of Corrèze, also called Le Miel des Muses (Nectar of Muses). It is a sweet wine (both red and white), which is a delightful apéritif, also ideally served with foie gras, cheeses such as Rocamadour, Cantal, Salers, and with deserts. An exceptionally fine Vin Paillé has been produced at the Domaine du Bas Queyssac for several generations. Towards the end of the 20th century, several local producers Vin Paillé got together and created the Syndicat du Vin Paillé, each one maintaining his specific family tradition and know-how.

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Jean Louis Roche also produces nut oil.

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Vin Paillé

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