Harvest at the Domaine du Bas Queyssac

The grapes of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are hand picked in mid September. The grapes are placed in wooden racks which are then left to rest for about two months in a well aerated barn. During this time, the grapes loose much of their water thereby concentrating their aroma and sugars.

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More detailed account of the production of Vin paillé

The Syndicat Viticole du Vin Paillé de la Corrèze, formed in 1997, garantees the traditional production of the beverage. Each vintage is controlled before being bottled and labeled "Vin Paillé". Jean Louis Roche gives his Vin Paillé a unique and original character.

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Jean Louis Roche au 
Domaine du Bas Queyssac, à Queyssac les Vignes, dont on voit l'église.

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