Production of Vin Paillé

The production of Vin Paillé is performed in four stages : grape-picking, drying of the grapes, subsequent grape-pressing and maturing of the wine.

The grapes are hand picked

Grape picking (Vendanges)

The grapes of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are hand picked in mid September, the Cabernet Franc and the Cabernet Sauvignon approximately two weeks later. The grapes are placed in wooden racks.

The grapes are left to dry for two months.

The wooden racks are left to rest for about two months in a well aerated barn. During this time, the grapes loose much of their water thereby concentrating their aroma and sugars. About 7 kilograms of grapes are required to produce one liter of Vin Paillé.
Photographs of the harvest at the Domaine du Bas Queyssac

Pressurization of the grapes and maturation of the wine.

The grapes are then pressurized in order to extract the remaining juice and fermentation takes place. The Vin Paillé is then matured for two years, under the strict supervision of the wine grower, before being bottled . It is during this period that the know-how of Jean Louis Roche proves to be essential.

Vin Paillé has been produced at the Domaine du Bas Queyssac for over a century. Jean Louis Roche has inherited a long tradition of wine-making. The result is a Vin Paillé of exceptional finesse. The grapes are placed in wooden racks The Roche family has been producing 
Vin Paillé for three generations. Diploma delivered in 1922.

Diploma delivered to Louis Roche in 1922.

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