The production of Vin paillé, Miel des Muses (Nectar of the Muses)

The Vin Paillé de la Corrèze is a sweet wine, produced in the farm by traditional methods

Jean Louis Roche in his vineyard. 
The church of Queyssac les Vignes appears in the background

Vin Paillé (literally: "straw wine" because the grapes were left to dry on straw before being pressed) is an age old tradition among wine growers of the region of Beaulieu and Meyssac. The Domaine du Bas Queyssac, the agricultural farm of Jean Louis Roche, is situated on the hills of Queyssac-les-Vignes, above the Dordogne river on the south tip of Corrèze. The red Vin Paillé is produced from Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon vines and the white from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The best grapes are selected and picked by hand and set to rest for two months on wooden cases in a well ventilated barn. During that time, the grapes give up some of their water and they become rich in natural sugars and aromas. The grapes are pressed shortly before Christmas. The wine is then matured for at least two years before being bottled. About 7 kilos of grapes are required to produce one liter of Vin Paillé. The resulting beverage is a light, naturally sweet wine with an appealing aroma, well equilibrated in the mouth. Vin Paillé has been produced at the Domaine du Bas Queyssac for over a century. Jean Louis Roche has inherited a long tradition of wine-making. The result is a Vin Paillé of exceptional finesse The Vin Paillé produced by Jean Louis Roche is known for its exceptional finesse. It bears the lovely name Miel des Muses, (Nectar of Muses), and it is ideally suited for festive occasions. It is particularly appreciated with foie gras, cheeses such as Rocamadour, Roquefort, Salers and deserts.

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The Syndicat Viticole du Vin Paillé de la Corrèze, formed in 1997, garantees the traditional production of the beverage. Each vintage is controlled before being bottled and labeled "Vin Paillé". Jean Louis Roche gives his Vin Paillé a unique and original character.

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